10 Ideas for Funding Yoga and Mindfulness as an SEL Resource for Schools [Free Download]

Funding training and materials to support the integration of mindful moments in the classroom, schools, school districts is not always easy but there ARE sources available. From federal and local grant opportunities, community grants, creative funding options, and even some do-it-yourself tips, we hope this free download of ideas and supporting resources will help you […]

Helping Students Find the Balance Between Calm and Alert

It’s time for the math lesson, but your students just came back from lunch and recess and energy their energy is sky high. It’s been a long afternoon and you notice your students are looking sluggish, slumping down in their chairs, yawning and looking tired and disengaged. A handful of students are rocking in their […]

Happy Friday! A student-created breathing practice to “exhale the week”

It makes our hearts sing when students who have been utilizing Yoga 4 Classrooms mindful moments share their own versions of the activities with us, or even new activities they’ve been inspired to create! Join these special 4th graders as they lead you in an end-of-the-week breathing practice they created based on Flying Bird Breath, […]