Success Path - Step 1

Yoga & Mindfulness in the Classroom:

Trauma-Informed tools to support social-emotional learning, student success and positive climate

Learn how integrating simple, developmentally appropriate yoga and mindfulness practices, specifically designed for the time and space crunched classroom (including online classrooms), can be a convenient, engaging and effective way to promote the development of SEL competencies, emotional resilience, positive climate and student success.

Participants will learn a variety of practical strategies they can immediately use with their students and for themselves, as well as research, case studies, and best practices for implementation. Illustrated handouts and access to a library of additional helpful resources will be provided. This fun and informative workshop will relax and inspire you. No experience required!

Choose from self-paced, live remote, or in person learning formats.

This is training serves as Step 1 of our simple, affordable 3-Step Implementation Success Path.

More than ever before, students across the country lack the skills of self-regulation, impulse control and focus negatively affecting their behavior, ability to learn and overall well-being. These critical life skills, essential to success at home, in school and throughout life, can be learned when taught in a trauma-informed, developmentally appropriate, and engaging way. This course is designed to empower you with simple, accessible “mindful moments” that are classroom-friendly (for home or office. too), require no prior experience or equipment, and can be integrated easily into distance learning or the physical classroom.

The Yoga 4 Classrooms program includes a mix of standing and chair yoga practices, brain boosting movements, breath exercises, relaxation and visualization, mindfulness activities, creative movement and community-building games to your support students…and your own well-being. 99% of course participants agree that integrating the program in their curriculum has a significantly positive effect on their students and their own personal and professional lives, with many claiming a “transformative impact.”

Through the framework of – Noticing, Mindful Choice, Practice, Reflection, Integration – you will learn how to empower your students and yourselves with increased self-awareness, the foundation for the development of skills of self-regulation and cognitive control. You will learn to recognize signs of imbalance and have the confidence and skills to effectively implement 67 yoga and mindfulness-based activities (and over 200 sub-activities), specifically designed for the limited classroom space and schedule. This means all activities can be practiced standing beside or sitting at desks – no extra space or equipment needed. 

Yoga 4 Classrooms is easy for teachers, students, parents and therapists to use, and helps to create a more harmonious, learning-friendly school day while providing students (and themselves!) with essential tools for well-being and success at school, at home and throughout their lives.

Absolutely no yoga experience is required. In fact, participants are encouraged to wear regular, comfortable clothing and flat-soled shoes to the workshop as we’ll be simulating a classroom experience. This fun and informative workshop will relax and inspire you!

  • This professional development training is appropriate for school-based Pre-K to Grade 12:

    • classroom teachers
    • school and district administrators
    • special educators
    • school counselors
    • school social workers
    • occupational therapists
    • speech and language professionals
    • physical therapists
    • physical educators
    • health educators
    • SEL coordinators
    • paraprofessionals
    • school nurses
    • school resource officers
    • other support staff

    Many non school-related participants have also found the training to be incredibly supportive and helpful to their work with people of all ages, as well as for their own personal development. Some of these include:

    • college, university educators and support staff
    • mental health counselors
    • social workers
    • child and family therapists
    • those who support adults with special needs
    • those who support senior citizens
    • recreation therapists
    • nurses, doctors and other healthcare providers
    • various hospital staff, pediatric and adult
    • addiction recovery specialists
    • law enforcement professionals
    • allied health professionals who support a variety of ages and abilities

    Note: Non school-related professionals and others seeking more in-depth training for more traditional integration of yoga and mindfulness ‘on the mat’ may also have interest in the trainings and certifications offered by our affiliate organization, ChildLight Education Company.

  • Explore the mind-body connection and how stress and trauma affect learning and behavior.
  • Evaluate the physical, cognitive, social and emotional benefits of yoga and mindfulness-based inventions for children in schools.
  • Determine signs of imbalance in yourself and your students and identify opportunities to take “mindful breaks” during the school day.
  • Describe the 5 critical steps to integrated self-regulation and its relationship to the science of neuroplasticity.
  • Implement over 67 simple, engaging, classroom-friendly strategies designed to support stress management, focus and attention, social and emotional learning and resilience.
  • Design outcome-focused sequences based on the contextual need and the time available: calming, focusing, energizing, community-building, etc.
  • Crosswalk MY-SEL (mindfulness, yoga, social and emotional learning) with a variety of school roles and standards as well as school and district-wide goals and national educational policy.
  • Become a more effective educator, counselor or therapist while supporting your own well being.
  • Find and navigate the growing evidence base supporting the integration of yoga, mindfulness and meditation at school.
  • Access and utilize a variety of tools and resources to support sustainable, schoolwide implementation.
  • 6 training contact hours
  • Fully-illustrated, full-color workshop guide (PDF)
  • Certificate of Completion (upon successful completion of an online quiz/reflection and evaluation form)
  • Post-Training Bonus Resources
  • Eligibility to apply to move on to the Advanced School IMPLEMENT Leadership Training (Step 3 of the Success Path)

CEs, PDPs may be earned for a variety of professions, plus apply to earn 1-3 graduate-level credits from the University of the Pacific-Benerd College (see CE information).

CE’s, CEUs or PDPs may be available through your employer or credentialing organization. As employers and credentialing organizations have their own requirements and application process, you should confirm that your training hours (6 contact hours) will apply toward your degree or continuing education or professional development requirements. Additionally, through our partner, University of the Pacific – Benerd College. you may apply to earn up to 3 graduate-level credits upon completion of a professional development learning opportunity with Yoga4Classrooms.


Registered Yoga Teachers earn 6 Continuing Education Contact Hours for this workshop when presented by an E-RYT / YAECP.  Contact us at info@yoga4classrooms.com to verify your presenter is an E-RYT / YAECP.

Contact hours for this workshop are also valid toward the Yoga Alliance specialty designation of Registered Children’s Yoga Teacher (RCYT) for those completing ChildLight Education Company’s 95hr. Registered Children’s Yoga School (RCYS). Educators attending the Yoga 4 Classrooms PD and IMPLEMENT Leader Training earn 23 hours toward the ChildLight RCYS 95-hour Program! Add two required courses and additional electives to earn a certificate. Learn more here.

Lisa Flynn, the founder of Yoga 4 Classrooms, developed the original ChildLight Yoga foundational training. Yoga & Mindfulness for Children was inspired by her own experiences practicing yoga with her children in her living room. When her children started school, she adapted yoga for their classrooms, which planted the seeds for Yoga 4 Classrooms. ChildLight’s 95-Hour Registered Children’s Yoga School (RCYS) was established in 2014 under the direction of Director of Trainings, Sally Delisle, made possible through a collaborative Team effort. The program continues to provide high-quality education while remaining accessible & affordable. On October 1, 2019, Lisa passed the reins to longtime Director of Trainings, Sally Delisle, and Marketing Director, Megan Morris. They rebranded ChildLight Education Company with the goal of broadening the scope of offerings to include the human lifespan and wellness practices. Working side-by-side as yogis and business colleagues, along with a knowledgeable team, they tirelessly continue to cultivate successful training programs for the ChildLight community. As of 2023, ChildLight has grown from the initial 15-hour training to offering over 470 hours of trainings and workshops with an unlimited number of additional classes! Direct your RCYS questions here.

Yoga 4 Classrooms has a long-standing partnership with University of New Hampshire’s Professional Development & Training department which offers/hosts our highly rated STEP 1: Yoga & Mindfulness in the Classroom training as a stand-alone continuing education opportunity for educators, counselors, social workers and various other professionals working with children and/or in schools. The course is offered In-Person in Portsmouth and Manchester, NH, and sometimes also as a Live Remote or Hybrid format. As well, the course is included in UNH PD&T’s new Social and Emotional Learning Certificate Program.

Upon completion of this training, educators may apply to earn 1-3 graduate-level professional development semester credits through the University of the Pacific-Benerd College at a cost of just $62 per credit. The credits offered are post-baccalaureate, graded, graduate-level semester credits/units, provided directly through the university and are specifically designed to meet the needs of educators for salary advancement and re-certification. The credits are acceptable where local districts approve and applicable to state licensing where authorized. We always encourage you to check with your employer for acceptability of these credits. Course participants are responsible to determine acceptability of these credits for their intended use. Each graduate-level semester credit/unit is equivalent to 15 hours of academic involvement. Learn more and apply now!

Video Testimonial: Educator shares her reflections following the Yoga & Mindfulness in the Classroom training.

Video Testimonial: School principal and school counselor share why they chose Y4C training for their school, plus give a peek inside their in private in-person training.

“I whole-heartedly recommend the course to all educators and counselors! The materials are presented in an easily accessible way and reinforce the video topics (self-paced online format). The content is very practical and you can begin to apply what you have learned right away into the classroom. I gained many ideas to take back to my special education students. I can’t thank you enough.”
– Sarah Jane Cunniff, K-8 Special Educator

“This is a tool that keeps on giving. It is not a training you attend and then never use. It can be easily incorporated into daily life, in whatever amount of time or space you have at your disposal. I have been implementing daily with great success!”
– Shannon F., K-12 Intervention Specialist

“I feel as if I have learned a whole new way of reaching many students rather than a small class at a time. Introducing EVERY student to yoga and making it part of the school day will greatly enhance learning through nurturing the whole child…and enables me to show administrators that it is possible to make it part of the curriculum without taking away from the (academic) school day.”
– Margaret, School Counselor

“Students have been through a lot and deserve to be able to have an outlet and as many tools as they can to help them stay grounded and continue to grow despite the tumultuous year and a half they have endured. From my own experience, I know that school wide implementation will be so helpful to giving our kids in our low-income district the best possible chances for success. Thank you!”
– Judith Piccione, Middle School English Teacher

“The Y4C training has changed my life! The program is user-friendly, organized and most importantly FUN!”
– Sydney P, Occupational Therapist

“I have taken other courses in mindfulness in schools, but this completely expanded my knowledge. I now have simple, accessible, engaging tools to use in the classroom with my students. There are activities I can do throughout the day depending what the needs of the kids are. The bonus is I can use these activities at home with my own family and for self-care. THANK YOU for creating such an amazing course! It is a true gift for burned out teachers.”
– Jess E., Teacher

“Wonderful! I will recommend the online course to all of my educator friends because it provides a logical rationale for the need to incorporate yoga and mindfulness education into our daily classroom life, and it offers practical instructions and skillful modeling of how to implement these powerful tools with your students. It is also presented in a way that makes all participants feel valued and easily able to apply this curriculum in your own classroom/school setting.”
– Angela, ESL Classroom Teacher

“I think with the resources given and by taking a step by step approach, the program is really plug and play. it gives us the flexibility to use activities that relate to students in a given moment in time and adaptable to many school environments.”
– Roger, Health Education

“I am a PE teacher and usually have the gym to practice yoga in and Y4C has enriched my traditional gym-based PE curriculum. Recently more PE teachers are asked to cover classrooms and need activities to do in small limited space. This on line class gave me a TON of new ideas!”
– Nancy O., Physical Educator

“I am calmer, more in tune with my students’ needs and moods. They are able to feel confident, encouraged, empowered, relaxed – and able to take these strategies home.”
– M.J., Preschool teacher

“Our workshop was great! We had such good feedback. The next day, I was stopped in the hallway by teachers telling me how much they appreciated the workshop and gaining the tools to support their classrooms with yoga and mindfulness. It was so inspiring! Teachers told me of their plans to create bulletin boards, I see card decks displayed, and one teacher shared an awesome idea of creating Mindfulness coloring books (like the adult coloring books that are so popular right now) with the class that they will take home as holiday gifts.”
– M. Murphy, Social Worker

“I teach 5th grade and have been using Y4C since the first day of school. They are loving it and I have gotten so many compliments about how zen my class is. I appreciate your work!”
– Andrew Y., G5 Teacher

“This has really given us a common language and empowerment. When a student was “running fast” I could say “how do you feel?”. Then ask what they could do to slow down. Of course, I can help with that but what I’m finding more and more is that my students are are choosing strategies on their own – integrated self-regulation at work.”
– Erin O., Special Educator

“I am using what I have learned in the online workshop with my kindergarten children and first graders and it works beautifully, I am so glad I enrolled.”
– U.A., Peru

“I would definitely recommend the online workshop to others. In fact, I already have! Although, I would have preferred to take a workshop in person it was difficult this summer to schedule it and find child care for my two young children. The videos were extremely beneficial. The cards are a great resource as well. Thank you!“
– G.V., School Counselor

“This can be used in the classroom in such a manageable and positive way. A new chapter in my teaching life! I’m so excited to help find a personal balance and help teach my kids new regulation ideas.”
– K.M., 4th Grade Teacher

“Excellent value! By making this training affordable, it speaks volumes to your dedication to your mission and vision which I am beyond proud and excited to support. This is going to help so many children, teachers and schools. Well done!”
– Susan C., Elementary Teacher

“Y4C programs will help in my school community- adults and students, live better lives by connecting mind and body in a mindful way.”
– P.B., High school teacher

“Wow, so informative! I had viewed Yoga as an exercise class before taking your online class. I can absolutely see now how it’s so much more than that and can be easily used throughout the whole day, as needed. I can’t wait to get started!”
– Susan K.D., Pre-K Teacher

“Y4C programs will help in the school community- adults and students, live better lives by connecting mind and body in a mindful way.”
– P.B., High school teacher

“With so much focus on creating a healthy school environments, Y4C checks all the boxes – it cultivates wellness and helps teachers to be role models for healthy mind and body habits and self-care. This also supports a “wellness program” and enriches our content and curriculum for SEL.”
– J.N., District Wellness Coordinator

“Highly recommended! The online course was super easy to follow, sectioned in a way that made it easy to come back to, and overall a great online learning experience.”
– Angela, Elementary School Counselor, VA

“Thank you so much. This workshop is the most practical workshop I ever taken. I have already begun to implement many of the strategies and exercises in the classroom and the impact is immediate.”
– Kaitlin, Teacher (G3)

“Even though I was not at a live training, I felt connected to the presenter and other participants. I liked the breakdown of different modules which allowed for taking breaks or reviewing and I was still able to reach out to ask questions. Chunks were manageable and information clear. Well done!”

“Teachers always need ideas. And not everyone can get to a workshop, particularly when the school year gets busy so I really appreciated the self-paced option.”
– K.L., G7 Math

“The video workshop by Lisa was amazing. I learned so much. The manual and cards are fantastic too for me to reference in the future. I can’t wait to use some of the imagination vacation ideas in my classroom!”
– M.U., High School Performing Arts Teacher

“This would be a great tool to use in our school. It promotes all of the values that our school teaches. I believe that the program can help children handle stress but I also think that it supports community and builds relationships.”
– Jeff, Educator

Choose one of the following to supplement the course and support effective, sustainable classroom implementation:


Yoga 4 Classrooms Activity Cards

If you do not already have a copy of the Yoga 4 Classrooms Activity Cards, at minimum we recommend purchasing a boxed set in advance of starting the course so that you have them for reference during the course and for use in your classroom thereafter. Buy now.

You might wish to grab the digital-PDF version as well – ideal for remote teaching and learning, making classroom displays, and more!


Classroom Essentials Kit 1

Kit 1 includes our most recommended classroom tools to supplement the Yoga & Mindfulness in the Classroom foundational course. Includes:

  • Yoga 4 Classrooms Activity Cards above

  • Focus Chime

  • Breathing Ball

Combined with the foundational course (Step 1), it’s all you need to implement Y4C with ease and impact. Buy now.


Classroom Essentials Kit 2

Kit 2 is recommended for Pre-K and K classrooms, special education, OT, PT, after-school programs and other contexts where teaching and learning take place with a bit more space than is typically available in a traditional classroom setting. Kit 2 supplements the Yoga & Mindfulness foundational course with the essentials from Kit 1:

  • Yoga 4 Classrooms Activity Cards

  • Focus Chime

  • Breathing Ball


  • Yoga for Children: 200+ Yoga Poses, Breathing Exercises and Meditations for Healthier, Happier, More Resilient Children

  • Yoga for Children-Yoga Cards: 50+ Yoga and Mindfulness Activities for Kids

  • I Grow With Yoga-Yoga Songs for Children MP3 Album with bonus PDF with lyrics and movement cues

Combined with the foundational course (Step 1), it’s everything you need and more to teach, engage and support your students with yoga and mindfulness! Buy now.



Course formats include self-paced online, live remote, or in person. 
Follow instructions on the individual course product page for group registrations and/or registrations using a purchase order.
$149 pp – 1 to 10 participants, same school/organization
$129 pp – 11 – 19 participants, same school/organization
$109 pp – 20 – 24 participants, same school/organization
25+, please contact us to request a custom quote for your group.
Note: Our foundational program pillars include inclusivity/accessibility, cost-effectiveness and sustainability. If needed, schools and school districts are encouraged to contact us to discuss how we can help you maximize participation within the limits of a particular grant or budget line.

Upcoming Dates & Formats:
SELF-PACED, Anytime/Ongoing
Monday, August 14, Manchester, NH – Host: UNH PD&T
Thursday, November 9, Online via Zoom – Host: Yoga 4 Classrooms


Schedule a Private Staff/Group Training:
Please contact us to request a proposal for a private remote or in person training for your group, or to organize your group to complete the self-paced course. Learn more about the Schools / School Districts Implementation Success Path.

Are you concerned about your students’ ability to self-regulate, focus and learn? Do you often find yourself stressed and overwhelmed? If you’re a classroom teacher, school counselor, special educator, SEL specialist, OT, or other school-based professional, you’ve come to the right place. With our affordable, easy-to-implement training and classroom tools, you’ll be empowered to create a more a mindful, connected classroom starting on Day 1.

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