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Are you working to prioritize SEL, mental health prevention, whole-child education, wellness, and teacher well-being in your school? Maybe it’s even part of your school district’s strategic plan? Do you wish there were a simple, cost-effective, sustainable (and enjoyable) way to help create a safe and healthy school or school district? Our founder created the Yoga 4 Classrooms program with exactly the same concerns, goals and intentions in mind.

15 years later, the same program and products are providing an especially timely and critical, yet simple way to support social, emotional, physical well-being, student success, and a positive, inclusive climate.

Steps 1 and 2 of the School / School District Success Path will provide your school or district community everything needed to immediately get started integrating simple, impactful “mindful moments” into the class day to nurture whole child development, support educator well-being, and create a culture of compassion and inclusion.

If you’d like to ensure effective, sustainable schoolwide or districtwide implementation, including Step 3 will empower you to achieve that goal!

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School & School District Success Path



Schedule the Foundational Training

In our 6-hour foundational training, “Yoga & Mindfulness in the Classroom: Trauma-Informed Tools to Support SEL, Student Success and Positive Climate,” your school or districtwide staff will learn how integrating “mindful moments” into the class day can be a simple and effective way to enhance the teaching and learning experience while supporting whole child development, teacher well-being, and a positive and inclusive climate. No equipment or experience required. 

Choose from three learning formats for your group: Self-Paced Online, Live Remote, or In Person. Register your group for one of our public offerings, or request a proposal for a private training for your group.



Choose Your Classroom Essentials

Our classroom essentials kits supplement the training and support engaging, effective, sustainable classroom, school or districtwide implementation.

Kit 1 includes our 3 most essential classroom tools including the Yoga 4 Classrooms Activity Cards (boxed set), Focus Chime and Breathing Ball.

Kit 2 is suggested for those educators, counselors and others in your school/district working in contexts where teaching and learning take place with a bit more space than is typically available in a traditional classroom setting. Kit 2 includes the items in Kit 1 PLUS Lisa’s Yoga for Children book, corresponding Yoga for Children-Yoga & Mindfulness Activity Cards, and I Grow With Yoga MP3 Album.

Combined with the foundational training (Step 1), it’s everything your staff will need to teach, engage and support their students (and themselves!) with yoga and mindfulness right away.



Develop an IMPLEMENT Leadership Team

The Y4C IMPLEMENT Leadership Training is our advanced train-the-trainer leadership program for school-based teams and individuals who have been inspired by their experience using the program with their students, and would like to be empowered to launch and lead Yoga 4 Classrooms as a sustainable schoolwide initiative. Though not a requirement, a districtwide implementation plan often involves a team from each school with one or more relevant administrative leaders such as an SEL Director.

Request for Proposal

Contact us to request a proposal and get your school or district started on the Y4C Implementation Success Path!