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Educators and Individual School Professionals

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Are you concerned about your students’ ability to self-regulate, focus and learn? Do you notice a lack of self and social-awareness, compassion and connection? Do you often find yourself stressed and overwhelmed? If you’re a classroom teacher, school counselor, special educator, SEL specialist, OT, or other school-based professional who would like to support social, emotional, physical well-being, student success, and positive climate, the Educator Success Path is designed for you.

Steps 1 and 2 provide you everything you need to immediately get started integrating simple, impactful “mindful moments” into your class day to nurture whole child development, support your own well-being, and create a culture of compassion and inclusion.

Eventually, you may find yourself inspired to learn more, and perhaps even lead schoolwide
implementation. Step 3 will empower you to take that next step when you’re ready!

Let’s get started…

Educator Success Path



Complete the Foundational Training

In our foundational training, “Yoga & Mindfulness in the Classroom: Trauma-Informed Tools to Support SEL, Student Success and Positive Climate,” you will learn how integrating “mindful moments” into the class day can be a simple and effective way to enhance the teaching and learning experience while supporting whole child development, teacher well-being, and a positive and inclusive climate. No equipment or experience required. Choose from three learning formats: Self-Paced Online, Live Remote, or In Person.



Choose Your Classroom Essentials

Our classroom essentials kits supplement the training and support engaging, effective, sustainable classroom implementation.

Kit 1 includes our 3 most recommended classroom tools including the Yoga 4 Classrooms Activity Cards (boxed set), Focus Chime and Breathing Ball.

Kit 2 is suggested for those working in contexts where teaching and learning take place with a bit more space than is typically available in a traditional classroom setting. Kit 2 includes items in Kit 1 plus Lisa’s Yoga for Children book, corresponding Yoga for Children-Yoga Cards, and I Grow With Yoga MP3 Album.

Combined with the foundational course (Step 1), it’s everything you need to teach, engage and support your students with yoga and mindfulness!



Become a School Implement Leader

Ready to lead? The IMPLEMENT Leadership Training is our advanced training for school-based teams and individual school professionals who have been inspired by their experience using the foundational program (Steps 1 & 2) with their students, and would like to be empowered to launch and lead Yoga 4 Classrooms as a sustainable schoolwide initiative.


Check out our FAQs or reach out with questions. We are here to support you!