“Loosen Up” with Yoga 4 Classrooms for Calm, Focused & Connected Learners

As adults, we’re very sensitive to the demands of our own circumstances and the stress they produce. Many of us balance work responsibilities with raising children and maintaining a household; we juggle relationships with our partners, care for aging parents, and undertake volunteer and other personal commitments – all while trying to honor our own needs. Life is busy. Is […]

Imagination Vacations with Yoga 4 Classrooms

Imagination makes it possible to perceive a whole world inside the space of the mind. We can travel at the speed of light, visit foreign lands or alien worlds, and transcend the limitations of time and space. We can be anywhere and do anything . . . Imagination is a place of absolute freedom. It’s […]

Yoga 4 Classrooms’ Favorite Things Series on YouTube

Check out our Yoga 4 Classrooms’ “Favorite Things” series on YouTube. It is a fun exploration of some of our favorite tools in the world of education and mindfulness for both educators and students. This engaging series showcases a diverse array of resources, children’s literature, and professional development books specifically tailored for the classroom setting. […]

Empowering Learning Through Movement

Yoga in Public Schools: A Nationwide Grassroots Movement

Learning begins with movement. Before a child is able to verbally communicate, he has an implicit ability to express and understand ideas through movement. We call this body language. Body language begins as a means of communicating his needs; then, as his command of body language develops, he begins to understand what is being communicated […]

The Power of Breathing Exercises for Well-Being and Success

Of all the aspects of a well-rounded yoga practice, breath is the most essential. Yoga is defined as “yoke” or “unite” and generally refers to the union between body, mind, and spirit. Imagine the breath (in yoga, called prana) as the thread, the essential life force energy, that ties these three elements together. Breath is […]

Morning Meetings with Yoga 4 Classrooms

Morning Meetings in classrooms hold significant importance for several reasons. They serve as a valuable tool for building a positive classroom culture, establishing routines, promoting social and emotional development, enhancing communication, improving attendance, and setting the tone for the rest of the day. Often Morning Meetings include a Greeting, Sharing, Activity, and Morning Message. The […]

Yoga 4 Classrooms: A Seated Sequence

Anyone who has sat for long periods of time understands the stress and strain sitting has on the body. In the absence of movement, the muscles shorten and become stiff, joints lose their range of motion, and blood and lymphatic fluid collect in the lower body. This latter fact is of particular concern, as lymphatic fluid (which plays a […]

Desk Puppy Stretch: A 30 Second Reset

It’s test time and you and your students have been sitting…and sitting…and they’re starting to get squirmy in their seats. Or, maybe it’s the end of the day and you’ve gathered up for a staff meeting but everyone comes in hunched over and looking lethargic… DESK PUPPY to the rescue! Desk Puppy, a modified version […]