“Loosen Up” with Yoga 4 Classrooms for Calm, Focused & Connected Learners

As adults, we’re very sensitive to the demands of our own circumstances and the stress they produce. Many of us balance work responsibilities with raising children and maintaining a household; we juggle relationships with our partners, care for aging parents, and undertake volunteer and other personal commitments – all while trying to honor our own needs. Life is busy. Is it any wonder we feel overwhelmed so much of the time?

We often fail to realize that children are in exactly the same predicament. Schoolwork is demanding, homework eats up time after school (sometimes leaving little or no opportunity for beneficial and stress-relieving social time and free play), and extra-curricular activities can keep kids running seven days a week. Consider also that children spend less time being active and playing outside and more time watching TV or playing video games. While some may consider this downtime, it does little to provide physical or mental release. And the consequences

are enormous.

Stressed children tend to be irritable or prone to eruptions of emotion, have difficulty concentrating and performing in school, and are prone to headaches and stomach aches. They’re more likely to isolate themselves from their peers and less likely to take healthy risks that are necessary to learn new skills.

Yoga 4 Classrooms® “Loosen Up” Yoga 4 Classrooms Activity Cards offer a variety of opportunities to help children release stress and negative emotions. Teachers will discover individual and group exercises that dispel stress through energetic release or introspection and focus – both effectively preparing students to sit, listen, and learn.

The “Loosen Up” and other Yoga 4 Classrooms Activity Cards integrate a community-building component. Peer support is a powerful motivator in behavior and learning and is critical in creating an environment where children are at ease. It’s the cornerstone on which a classroom community is built. A strong classroom community cultivates students who are leaders and problem-solvers, who have good self-esteem, who cooperate and collaborate, who feel a sense of responsibility for their classroom and each other, and who are more likely to be happy and relaxed.

We have several videos of the “loosen up” activities in action, including:

  1. Magic Massage
  2. Washing Machine

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