Helping Students Find the Balance Between Calm and Alert

It’s time for the math lesson, but your students just came back from lunch and recess and energy their energy is sky high.

It’s been a long afternoon and you notice your students are looking sluggish, slumping down in their chairs, yawning and looking tired and disengaged.

A handful of students are rocking in their chairs, fidgeting, running into things, spinning around and engaging in other sensory seeking behaviors…

It’s time for….a MINDFUL MOMENT!

But, which of Yoga 4 Classrooms’ 67 activity cards do you choose? Balloon Breath says it’s calming. Conductor Breath is suppose to be energizing. Many of Y4C’s seated and standing movement-based activities also note particular “energetic intentions.” And the Imagination Vacation category of activities…surely those are designed to be relaxing and calming, right?

Yes and no.

In this video, a snippet of a recent Step 1: Yoga & Mindfulness in the Classroom Training, founder Lisa Flynn, shares how the ultimate intention of all mindful moments is to help students bring their awareness and attention into the present moment so that they can find the balance between calm and alert – the “just right” place where learning-readiness and self-regulation is possible.


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