5 Tips for Getting Students Excited About Yoga Breaks in the Classroom

5 Classroom Yoga Break Tips | Yoga 4 Classrooms

Danielle, Kutcher, 4th/5th grade teacher &  at a New Jersey elementary school shares her 5 tips to increase student engagement during yoga breaks. Learn Danielle’s secrets to getting students to actually ask you for more yoga in the classroom which promotes physical and cognitive readiness to learn and the development of social and emotional skills.

Also, don’t miss this inspiring “Michael Jackson” music video created by Danielle’s former 4th grade class, where they share with us what they’ve learned about yoga and mindfulness throughout the year. A must see!  Watch now.

Danielle and her students were also featured in the article, “Mindful Classrooms: Teaching Kids to Cope, One Breath at a Time”, published in New Jersey Monthly, January, 2017. Read more.