Happy Friday! A student-created breathing practice to “exhale the week”

It makes our hearts sing when students who have been utilizing Yoga 4 Classrooms mindful moments share their own versions of the activities with us, or even new activities they’ve been inspired to create! Join these special 4th graders as they lead you in an end-of-the-week breathing practice they created based on Flying Bird Breath, one of the Let’s Breathe activities from our best-selling classroom activity cards!
“Inhale the weekend…exhale the week!” Ahhhh…
Are your students yawning, slouched over their desks? Flying Bird breath is simple, short mindful moment that’s great for striking the perfect balance between energizing with movement and a few deep inhales, and calming the nervous system with long slow exhales. Moving the body with the breath elicits focus and it’s a fantastic stretch, as well!

As these 4th graders did, you can add in is inhaled and exhaled. You might ask your students what they’d like to fill up with in that moment. What do they need? Maybe it’s peace, positivity, patience or calm. What would they like to release? Inhale raising the the arms up to the sky while breathing in….Exhaling, lower the arms flow back down to the sides. Repeat for 3 full breaths.

This is also a great way to begin a staff meeting, parent-teacher conferences, counseling sessions, or as an anytime mindful moment in the classroom. At home, try this as a self-compassionate wind-down practice right before bed.

Have a great weekend!