Back to School Tips from Yoga 4 Classrooms

As the back-to-school season approaches, educators are gearing up to welcome students back into their classrooms. This time of year provides a fresh start and a chance to establish a positive and productive learning environment. Ensuring that classrooms implement established routines is an important part of the first few weeks of school. Routines offer a sense of predictability that can be especially comforting for children. Knowing what to expect helps alleviate anxiety and uncertainty, which often accompany new experiences. As kids settle into the familiar routines in the classroom, they are better equipped to face the challenges of the day with confidence.

In this video, Yoga 4 Classrooms owner Sarah Kirk, shares how to use four simple tools to set routines and expectations to begin the year in a peaceful, positive, and mindful way.

  1. Mountain Pose serves as a foundational yoga posture that embodies strength, stability, and groundedness. Introducing this practice at the beginning of the day can help students transition from home to school with a sense of centeredness and presence. Additionally, this posture can be used as students get into a line to transition from one classroom to the next.
  2. Sitting Mountain is a variation of Mountain Pose adapted for sitting down. It promotes good posture, concentration, and a clear mind. This practice can be beneficial during lessons or activities that involve sitting for extended periods.
  3. The Breathing Ball is a visual aid that helps children understand and practice controlled breathing. It’s an engaging way to teach deep breathing techniques.
  4. The Chime is a simple yet effective tool to bring a moment of mindfulness to the classroom. The gentle sound of the chime can serve as a cue to pause, take a breath, and re-center.

By incorporating Mountain Pose, Sitting Mountain, the Breathing Ball, and the Chime into the school routine, educators provide students with valuable tools for learning expectations, smooth transitions, and increased emotional well-being. These practices can nurture students’ overall growth as individuals and provide a more positive and productive school environment. Wishing you all a wonderful back-to-school season!

With gratitude,

Sarah Kirk, Owner and CEO of Yoga 4 Classrooms

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